Finally Happening

For my own sanity I am keeping this short and sweet.

I have overanalyzed every aspect of this blog.  The title, the email, Twitter, and Instagram accounts – you name it I worried about it.  Now in my true irrational fashion, I am forgetting all the details and making my first post a reality.

After all, I didn’t think twice about boarding this plane.

I mean, why would I?  They asked me my weight and made me store all of my bags in the front compartment of the plane. No carryon as there absolutely was no room for that. The pilot, who I talked to throughout the entire flight, insisted that I sit on the opposite side of the plane from the one another passenger.  He mentioned something about keeping the plane from becoming unbalanced.  I wasn’t worried; I didn’t have a care in the world.  The only reason I hesitated at all, was to take a photograph so I could document the experience.

Oh the irony, I boarded a plane that could barely hold 4 people, but I worry about a blog post that will only be read by 4 people that I email the link directly to.

As a result, here goes nothing.  There are aspects of life that need a plan and then, there is time to live life in the moment.  I hope to share a little bit of both with you along the way.

What to expect at (Un)intentional Happenings…

Honestly, I have no idea.  Currently the posts are (un)planned I think it can work.  I plan to make it happen, intentionally or not.

Suggestions, encouragement, and feedback of any kind are welcome and appreciated.

One more thought… thanks to the countless bloggers out there that I have been following over the years and have (in)directly given me the courage to make this aspiration a reality.

Carrots ‘n’ CakeDesign and Dish, Everywhereist, Healthy Everythingtarian, PaleOMGSarah’s Doodles, and Yes, I want cake to name a few.


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