Thanks, Bruce.

It was a successful three-day weekend.

I soaked up the sunshine and the fresh air.


My roommate hasn’t agreed to another jog with me since Friday.  Something about not being able to feel her fingers.

Saturday night started the discussion of where to go next…


A destination that requires sunscreen is in the works.

I attended Shred and smiled my way through some torture.  Thanks for that Bruce – Mr. Fifty-something instructor.  Thanks for calling me lame when my body bar bruised my shins.  Thanks for reminding me several times that, ‘the kids can’t hang with the old man.’  Most importantly, thanks for the playlist.   I’ll be sharing his song choices soon.

I turned my ramblings into a reality.  It Happened.  Thanks for the support.

Sorry if I was at your house and stared at my computer for the entirety of my visit.  Remember I took the time to eat you out of house and home.  I didn’t do it alone though, your daughter helped.


I tuned into CNN and my twitter feed.  Along with many other Americans I acknowledged how far our country has come, yet recognized the obstacles still ahead.


I Skyped with my brother.  He sent me pictures from Germany.  At times I live vicariously through his traveling – even if it is for work.


Since I would rather have my own experiences, please share your favorite sunscreen requiring destinations. I know I can show up snow-covered castles in Germany.

One final thought…Why didn’t I take a picture of Bruce in his black sweat-suit?!?  I’m still working on this whole taking pictures situation.


2 thoughts on “Thanks, Bruce.

  1. We are totally used to your eating habits when you come around, CK knows to hit the chips and salsa at the grocery store and everything! Congrats on getting started! I am so jealous that you can just pick up and go somewhere warm whenever you want!

    So far the warmest thing I can get to is smothering my face in something i just baked…

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