Dates are often overrated, especially on a Friday night.  Who has the desire to come home after the workweek and get ready again?  Yes, post number three and I am admitting that.  Judge away, but read on.

Certain dates however don’t get enough recognition.  They are the key player in these brownies and peanut butter cookies.  Did I mention the brownies and pb cookies are sugar, lactose, and gluten free?  Don’t hate the player; hate the game.

Everyone I know is making them. Not me though, I have yet to open my Christmas gift I told my parents I couldn’t live without.


Thanks Mom and Dad!

Thankfully I have friends that made them for me.  I won’t tell you how many brownies or cookies I ate in 24-hours, because quite frankly the level of embarrassment in this post is about to reach its max.  Let’s just say during my 24-hour visit I was wearing leggings, as I am pretty sure jeans weren’t an option.

You barely know me.  Do me a favor – trust me anyway.  These dates will change your life. They aren’t a Saturday night, second date at Panera.  If they were, one would be inclined to (un)intentionally order a Miller Lite.  It happened. I couldn’t help myself.

Panera?  Second date? Saturday night? Really? If you didn’t judge me before, now would be the appropriate time to start.

Brownies, peanut butter cookies, Panera.  Your date, you decide.



3 thoughts on “Dates

  1. Judge-free zone over here, for sure. Considering that I stayed in last night and was in bed by midnight, I’d say we’re on the same level. I full approve of your Friday night antics — uh, maybe that’s not the most appropriate word?

  2. Glad I could re-introduce you to the toilet, because as you know, these desserts may have you going to the bathroom a little more than your average miller lite (which I’m also jealous you can pick up and drink at your hearts convenience…) I’m definitely chugging beers at Easter…

    also open the damn box! and you can just store it right back in there when you move in with us in a few months 🙂

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