One Word – Handstands.

I’ve been told time and time again that I need to try yoga.  I have tried yoga – living room yoga.  Saturday’s experience put living room yoga to shame for two reasons.

1.  The studio is 90 degrees.

On a snowy Saturday morning I couldn’t think of a better place to be.

2.  Yoga people are legit.  They don’t just Om and Namaste.  I’ll elaborate…

I conscientiously leaned forward (from the heart) and stared back through my legs.  While hanging upside down, I felt the stretch in my spine, and was convinced I was finding myself. That obviously wasn’t good enough for some people.  Instead they dropped their hands to the floor, slowly lifted their feet from the mat, and brought their legs together in perfect harmony, resulting in a solid handstand.

I spent the rest of class pondering two questions.

1. Handstands, really – how do I make that happen?

2. Why doesn’t that woman shave her armpits?

So much for experiencing complete yoga peace and serenity.

Happy Monday.  Namaste.



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