A Reason to Dance

“You need a reason to dance,” said no one ever.

If I actually needed a reason, these would make today’s list.

1.  It’s Wednesday – after work.

2.  Public bathrooms with seat covers.  I still hover. Just a little peace of mind knowing there is a backup plan for when the legs give out.  More importantly, a second option once you realize there is no toilet paper left.  5:40 a.m.  It happened.  Thank you, seat cover!

3.  It’s pouring rain.  I have new sneakers to break in.  My knee needs a break.  Coincidence, I think not.


4.  Spur of the moment MTV’s Real World tagline quote session with my roommate’s fiancé. 

5.  A text message containing a YouTube link.

At the moment, life couldn’t be gooder.

Lame confession – Every time I hear Don’t Stop Believin’ I think of LC and Stephen. You know the scene from The Hills I am referring to, don’t pretend otherwise.  #notashamed

I tried to find the aforementioned Hills’ scene for your viewing pleasure.  I found you one better.

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What path would you choose?


2 thoughts on “A Reason to Dance

  1. If this kid isn’t reason enough for me to want to adopt a little black boy, I don’t know what would be! adorable and awesome.

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