How does a single 20-something like myself begin to explain Facebook and its ability to keep it classy?

If you haven’t heard of it, allow me to introduce you to the ludicrous app know as “Bang with Friends”.

If you chose to skip the hyperlink above let me summarize.  The Facbook poke is out and has been replaced with the bang.  Do not over think this concept.  Your initial thoughts are accurate.

I am not creative enough to make this up.  (Un)fortunately three anonymous individuals are.

I am not sure which trending statistic initiated the ingenious app creation.  I do, however believe these were the top contenders.

1. Lack of STD transmissions on college campuses.

2. Insufficient pressure placed on the single female.

3. Occasional metabolism-boosting exercise from the morning walk of shame.

4. Misinterpreted intentions gathered through drunk texts.

In summary, when in doubt Bang it out.

Speechless, embarrassed, concerned… how else could I describe my thoughts on this situation?  Sadly my honest opinions are not fit for the interweb.

Classy Facebook, real classy.


2 thoughts on “Classy

  1. so many memories, all now worthless, knowing that I could have spent my college years having an inexplicable amount of casual sex. damn my failed youth.

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