Fat Tuesday

I am not in New Orleans celebrating Mardi Gras.  No beads, just the nerdiest name tag badge imaginable.  No fausnaughts , but plenty of chocolate.  Here is how I lived up to Fat Tuesday’s expectations.

1. Attended a conference in the Sweetest Place on Earth.

2. Laughed aloud during the key note speaker’s presentation at a friend’s ability to teach a lesson on hash-tagging.


3. Experienced claustrophobia at its finest.

4. Browsed the vendor hall.

5. Stopped only at vendors with chocolate.

4. Posed for a Polaroid because noone else was brave enough.


5. Used said Polaroid as a conversation starter.

6. Admitted my addiction to lipgloss.

7. Tabulated chocolate consumption. –  5 Reeses cups, 1 Goodbar, 2 Butterfingers, 2 York Peppermint Patties, 1 Twix, 1 Hershey’s Nugget with Almonds.

Fat Tuesday.  They were small.  Do not judge.  I could be out collecting beads today.

8. Came home…dumped M&M’s into a jar of peanut butter.  Ate with a spoon.  #twice.

9. Realized yet again, I am all or nothing girl.  Done.  No nut butters.  No sweets.

10. Channeled Fat Amy Patricia.

Your life doesn’t seem that lame after all does it?  Just wanted to bring you back to reality.  I am much more legit than ABC.  If you are still watching The Bachelor, which Sweet Brown, I am not… I think you can find a better option.

New Orleans style or not, life is what you make it.


4 thoughts on “Fat Tuesday

  1. Not sure if your day was a success or a failure! either way, I wish you luck with no nut butters. CK will eat anything you have left over, So far, she has taken after you in 3 ways – PB, Salsa, and mustard. You should be proud. I’m giving up pregnancy for lent, meaning, labor should start at about 12:01. 😉

  2. i’m thoroughly disappointed. no where on that list is “gave my business card out with my cell phone number to multiple cute guys adorned in their cute business suits.”

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