Change. Life’s only constant.

Change is a fact of life.  An actuality, easily accepted by some, typically avoided by others.

Change is essential.  A reality, not a guaranteed success, make the most of it.

Change is an experience.  An opportunity, an (un)intentional adventure, live it up.

At times, life changes too fast.  I plan to live in the moment.  I am determined to share my journey with the constants in my life.

M & D, thanks for always being there.  You won’t read this; you can’t because you don’t have the interweb. (No joke)  You will receive the real deal.



That is right.  The 3 ½ x 5 paper that requires a stamp, a three-line address, and a mailbox.  A postcard has no send button, there is no @, and thankfully accessing the mailbox does not require a password.

My goal…one postcard per adventure.

I don’t believe in checking-in.  I don’t know how, maybe someday that will change.  Until then I’ll continue to snail-mail update my constants.  Life changes, for instance postcards will no longer arrive on Saturdays.

Find your constants.

Accept life’s changes.

Keep livin’ the dream.


2 thoughts on “Change. Life’s only constant.

  1. Well said homegirl, well said. Can I get on that snail mail list tell?! Can’t hate me for loving some old school United States Postal Service delivery!!

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