After reading I am sure you will disagree with me.  Nonetheless I am not concerned, my four followers know I am preposterous.  They continue to read, I owe them.  If it’s your first time reading, give me some hate via a comment, but come back again sometime, please.

While using a friend’s computer this weekend I clicked on the Pinterest tab.  Just one of my weekend mistakes.

Now, yes, I have my own Pinterest account.  No, I don’t use it.  I just had to reset my password because it has been that long since I have logged in.  This weekend I was reminded why this is true.

My thoughts on Pinterest.

  • Do people have to pin everything they see?
  • How do you pin the most decadent desert and 12 seconds later a lean legs workout?
  • Oh, you like that outfit?  Couldn’t you just go out and buy it?  I am pretty sure you will think it is cute at the store, even if you don’t pin it.
  • You are getting married?  Please, stop pinning I want to be surprised with the details.
  • Hair tutorials. My hair doesn’t do that.  Point blank.  Your hair does, so I hate you.
  • Dream house, you obviously missed the keyword there folks – dream.
  • The “board” for your future children confused me.  Do you know you are single?
  • It’s hard to imagine, but teachers planned lessons pre-Pinterest.
  • Those are your abs?  Again, I hate you.  I know you don’t really look that good.
  • DIY – NLG (Never looks that good)
  • The quotes.  Granted I lack a sensitivity chip or several, however aren’t the quotes a little much for even the most genuine hopeless romantic out there.  #enoughsaid

Pinterest and its organized chaos are following the technology trend and changing the way we solve problems.  Pinterest is undeniably a valuable resource to countless users; I am not the norm (shocking).  For this reason, I think my mom might be proud.

You will be surprised to know, I was not endorsed for these opinions, rather they are entirely my own.

If you disagree, please share.  After all I not only bash Pinterest, but my friends too.  They just roll with the punches and bring comebacks.  I hope you will do the same.



4 thoughts on “Pinterest

  1. I have a pinterest account, but haven’t really done any pinning on it. I have been learning more about pinterest through helping my company’s work account and it’s has generated some click-throughs to our website, which is always a plus!

    For me, personally, I just can’t really get into it!

  2. People have proven how UNCREATIVE they are with pinterest by repinning things they see from everyone else. literally, everything. i have respect for the people who are reading amazing blogs, such as, and then pin it because they find it interesting enough to share with others or want to remember it down the road. @”TheFutureBabyPinners” – there is a way to privatize certain boards #learn (and here I am abusing Twitter grammar in a blog post; go figure).

  3. As one of your valued 4 followers, I would love to point out the extreme laughter this post caused me to erupt in. Not only was it an absurd LOL, but I was in my office doing the solo LOL. I couldn’t agree more about many facts of the Pinterest world you pointed out.

    I’ll add in my Twitter grammar: #Pinterestcallout

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