Destination Unknown

I applied for a passport today…finally.

I still only have two functioning light bulbs in my bathroom and am about to be homeless, but in four to six weeks I’ll have a passport.  Life is good.

One section of the passport application can be found below.

 Screen shot 2013-04-03 at 8.36.21 PM


I left it blank.  I have no travel plans.  I have little direction in life, why would my travel itinerary or lack there of, be any different?  The marriage question… left that blank too.  Again that would mean I need a plan in life, far from that happening.

I applied for my passport at the library.  While waiting I spent $10.  I bought 5 books, each only $2 I couldn’t pass that up.  One book I picked up is written by Bill McKibben, best selling author of Eaarth.  The fact alone on the cover was enough to sell me.  The book will be discussed on a Saturday night filled with beverages and documentaries… maybe in Europe.

I then spent $135 on my passport.

Who spends $145 at the library?  I always thought the library was free entertainment.  At most you would spend 35 cents because your overdue library book was lost behind the couch for the last three years?

$145… and an unknown destination.

Oh I changed into my running clothes before leaving work.  20 mph winds and 4 hours later I am still wearing those clothes and have yet to run.  I don’t consider them to be dirty.  I plan to repack this exact outfit for tomorrow and leave the excuses at home.

Suggestions… Where should I go first?


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