You’ve Got It

Spent a lot of alone time today with one of my favorite people. She taught me a lot about myself. She has no idea, but her repetition of, what I must now assume is a phrase I use often, really got me thinking.

All right she isn’t yet two, but trust me the girl’s recall skills definitely put her in the gifted category.

Let me assure you when she asks for help, I provide the necessary assistance. More often than not, a little moral support is all the situation requires. My go-to inspirational message, “You’ve got it.” (Never said I was a sentimental individual.)

She advocates for herself with a simple, “Help you.”
She encourages herself with a mere, “You’ve got it.”
She celebrates her achievements with clapping and several shouts of, “Yay, you did it!”
She is proud, as we all should be.

Today’s achievements included: long windy walks, reading books, standing trees on her train track, devouring countless snacks, singing, alphabet flashcards, chasing the dog, and laughing – so much laughter.

Life is full of advantageous achievements. We just need to make the time to appreciate them. So what if we are still using the wrong pronoun? Obviously I’ll be struggling with grammar rules for life.

Today’s life lesson from a two-year old: “You’ve got it.”

We’ve all got it, especially on days when we feel as if we don’t.

Keep that in mind. You’re family, friends, even the stranger on the street – you’ve all got it.
Encourage one another, respect one another, and learn from one another.

Tell me how you’ve got it.
Get it trending.

(Yes, I realize I had to change you’ve to you have per hashtag rules and now my hashtag ends with tit. Life. I’ve got this… sort of.)


Thank you, CK. You’re going to be a great big sister, “You’ve got it!”


Change. Life’s only constant.

Change is a fact of life.  An actuality, easily accepted by some, typically avoided by others.

Change is essential.  A reality, not a guaranteed success, make the most of it.

Change is an experience.  An opportunity, an (un)intentional adventure, live it up.

At times, life changes too fast.  I plan to live in the moment.  I am determined to share my journey with the constants in my life.

M & D, thanks for always being there.  You won’t read this; you can’t because you don’t have the interweb. (No joke)  You will receive the real deal.



That is right.  The 3 ½ x 5 paper that requires a stamp, a three-line address, and a mailbox.  A postcard has no send button, there is no @, and thankfully accessing the mailbox does not require a password.

My goal…one postcard per adventure.

I don’t believe in checking-in.  I don’t know how, maybe someday that will change.  Until then I’ll continue to snail-mail update my constants.  Life changes, for instance postcards will no longer arrive on Saturdays.

Find your constants.

Accept life’s changes.

Keep livin’ the dream.