No Time

There is no time to blog.

There is time for South Beach.

photo 1

There is time for Peanut Butter.  37 hours and that is what is left.  #WTF


There is time for another t-shirt.

Still haven’t figured out how to fit blogging into my life.

When I do, please come back and read.  I’ll share this trip’s detials

photo 2

Until then I will be blogging from a cardboard box…

Down to one… and still homeless.


Another T-shirt

Three dresser drawers.
Countless cotton t-shirts.
One daily rumble.
Current title holder – my dresser.

If you want me to sign up for another walk/run/event, all you need to do is tell me there is a t-shirt included in registration.  I will spend more time asking you if I should request a small or a medium t-shirt, than questioning the details of the event.  Sweat for 9 hours on a Saturday… I’ll be there.  I’ll bring my friends.

It is how I give back.

That and re-gifitng.  Don’t act like you haven’t done it before.

A ceramic barn cookie jar, really?  Do I seem like the type of person that needs a cookie jar?  I don’t craft, I don’t deal with clutter, and I surely don’t waste time putting cookies in a jar.  Those bad boys go straight from the baking sheet to my hips.

Re-gifted recipient, you needed aforementioned ceramic barn cookie jar.  It brought a smile to your face when I opened the gift.  You even mentioned how important it is to be appreciative of what we have been given. How does it feel when the cookie jar is in the other kitchen?  I thought so.

One final thought… local organizations can always use the extra support.  Besides walks/runs/events give you an excuse to eat carbs.   No one will judge you if you eat an entire 14 serving size bag of tortilla chips in one sitting.

tortilla chips

They were organic and had flax.  #pasttense